Washington Post Sits Down With LUCY's CEO Charlie Klarsfeld to Discuss The Classic, "Baby, It's Cold Outside"



It seems with each passing year Christmas music starts playing earlier than the last, and “Scrooge” is the name we use to refer to anyone who complains about it. From “Sleigh Ride” to “Santa Baby,” we love humming along to our favorite holiday tunes, mainly because they call to mind fond childhood and family memories. But do we ever actually stop to consider the lyrics to these seemingly innocent songs?

In light of the rising awareness surrounding sexual assault, The Washington Post asked LUCY’s Charlie Klarsfeld for his take on the Christmas classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” And although some may chalk up it’s borderline inappropriate lyrics to nostalgia, the matter of consent remains unclear with creepy lines such as “Say what’s in this drink?” and “You’re very pushy you know?” This season, it might be time to put this song to rest for good.

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