W Magazine X Paris Hilton

Original Composition


If there was any one person who embodied the cringe worthy style of the early 2000s, it was Paris Hilton. But as pink, designer logomania, and chainmail halter dresses have recently re-entered the fashion mainstream, it was only natural that W Magazine consult the heiress on the trends she popularized.

In W’s satirical video short, Hilton gives us a tour of her infamous Beverly Hills mansion while explaining her favorite fads from back in the day. Each of her 13 points is further emphasized by retro, 1960s elevator music, designed by none other than LUCY’s Charlie Klarsfeld & Zach Seman. Their unexpected, vintage-like approach to the sound design adds to the film’s overall humorous tone. Unsurprisingly, it was an instant viral hit, garnering more than 18 million views on Facebook alone and excellent press coverage from the likes of Vogue, W, and Cosmopolitan.


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