Glossier You Pop-up Shop

Experiential | Sound Design 


To coincide with the launch of Glossier You, the New York based beauty brand staged a pop-up shop, immersing their customers in a unique, multi-sensory retail experience. Having already worked extensively with the brand on their in-store playlists and online content, LUCY was a natural partner for the project.

Founder Emily Weiss asked us to accentuate the David Lynch-like atmosphere of the space using elements of sound design as well as music, so we created a multi-faceted sound-scape that morphed throughout the store. Speakers hidden behind the red velvet walls emanated layers of custom ASMR sound design and carefully chosen film scores, circling the head of each visitor in immaculately mixed surround sound. For the mirrored fragrance booths (a novel take on changing booths) we harnessed the power of atmospheric sound design and white noise to give the customer an eerie sense of being in a decompression chamber. Our sound design got love from Vanity Fair, and was blown up on many an instagram, including the likes of Paloma Elsesser and Violette fr.

Even if Glossier fans couldn’t make it to the pop-up or didn’t end up buying the product, they could still enjoy the experience from home with Klarsfeld’s Glossier You mixtape on Spotify.


charlie klarsfeld